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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae

             Franco Paris



                                   Phone (39) 863412111; cell. (39) 3387380337

                                   e-mail: fparis@unior.it, ster25@libero.it



research areas


Modern Literature, Golden Age, Translation Studies, Cultural Transfer between Dutch-speaking and Italian-speaking Communities,  Contemporary Poetry and Theater


teaching experience in italy  (undergraduate and postgraduate courses)



2008                            Professor in Dutch Language and Literature,  Department of Literary,

Linguistic and Comparative Studies,  University L’Orientale, Naples



2002-2008                  Lecturer in DutchLanguage and Literature,  University L’Orientale, Naples


2003-2004                  Lecturer in Dutch Language and Literature,  University La Sapienza, Rome





Teaching experience in Belgium and the Netherlands


1999                            Literary Translation Summer Course, Universiteiten van Nijmegen, Utrecht, Antwerpen (Lessius)


2002                            Literary Translation Summer Course, Universiteiten van Utrecht, Antwerpen (Lessius)


2006                            Literary Translation Summer Course, Universiteiten van Utrecht, Antwerpen (Lessius)


2015                Literary Translation Summer Course, Universiteit van Utrecht


2017-2018      Literary Translation Digital Course, Universiteit van Utrecht (http://literairvertalen.org/nieuws/digitale-vervolgcursus-nederlands-italiaans-van-start)





2008                            Onorary Member of Kantl, the Belgian Royal Academy of Gand  (http://kantl.be/over-kantl/alle-leden/paris-franco)


2004                           First winner of the Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Translation Prize





Other Experience abroad


1994- 2018                 Residency grants in the Translator’s Houses in Leuven, Antwerpen and Amsterdam




other relevant activities


2018                            Editor for the Italian translation and publication of all plays by Jan Fabre, Editoria e Spettacolo, Spoleto (PG)


2013-                          Editor of the series Nachtboeken, Jan Fabre, Cronopio Editori, Napoli


2014-                          Member of the Doctorate in Linguistic, Literary and Comparative Studies, University of Napels ‘L’Orientale’


2013-                          Referee VQR (Ministry of Education- Research area) for the sector L-LIN 16 Dutch Language and Literature


2011-2014                  Member of the Doctorate in Theater Studies, University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’


2011                            Editor for the Dutch and English version of  Pietas Jan Fabre, Ghent, 2011


2010                                        Editor of Lage Landen Studies, Academia Press, Gent,  the academic publisher of choice for the International Association for Dutch Studies (InternationaleVereniging voor Neerlandistiek, known as the IVN) https://www.ivn.nu/centrale-redactie-64


2003-2006                  Member of the Organising Committee of the Genoa International Poetry Festival


2004                           Member of the Organising Committee of the International Poetry Festival in Bruges




supervised doctoral theses (about topics linked to Dutch Language and Literature)


2018                           Annaclaudia Giordano, “Scrivere tra due culture. Nuovi ponti, nuovi margini. L’opera di El Bezaz e Lamrabet, autrici marocchino-nederlandesi”, University of Naples L’Orientale (Supervisor)   

2018                Cristina Peligra, “Translating Culture and Identity in Dutch postcolonial fiction”, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (External Examiner)



international relevant research projects



2015                           President of “MediterraNed”, association of university professors and lecturers working at twenty universities in the Mediterranean area.     The Association has a general goal to promote and develop international research projects, acting at international level.           



2012-2015       Member of the research group “Codl, Circulation of Dutch Literature”,An International Network studying the Circulation of Dutch Literature.  Between 2012 and 2015 three research teams – the Centre for Reception Studies (CERES) of the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels (HUB), the EötvösLoránd University in Budapest in cooperation with COMENIUS (Association for Dutch Studies in Central Europe) and the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands (Huygens ING) in The Hague – collaborated in the project An International Network Studying the Circulation of Dutch Literature (CODL) funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). They did this in close cooperation with other researchers and organizations. http://www.codl.nl/



2009-2012       Member (and initiator) of the research group “Beatrijs Internationaal”. This research project brought together about a hundred literary translators and researchers in the field of historical and modern Dutch literature, translation studies and related disciplines, from twenty different language areas.





Key Publications


(2016)                         Beatrice di Nazareth, I sette modi di amare Dio, Anonimo, vita di Beatrice, Edizioni Paoline,Milano (volume);


(2016)             De Griekse mythen in het oeuvre van Claus en Pasolini, in Een ladder tegeg de windroos. Nederlands tussen Noord- en Zuid-Europa , Academia Press, Gent, pp. 19-30 (article);


(2012)             "Harba lori fa ". Percorsi nelle letterature dei Paesi Bassi e delle Fiandre, a cura di J. E. Koch-F. Paris-M. Prandoni-F. Terrenato, eds.,UniversitàL’Orientale,Napoli (author and co-editor); open access publication, http://opar.unior.it/1631/


(2012)             A strange case: the reception and the translation of Virginia Woolf in the Netherlands in Translating Virginia Woolf, O. Palusci, eds., Peter Lang, Bern (article);



(2006)                         “Tweeslachtig Italia”, in AA.VV. Een nieuwer firmament. Hella S. Haasse in tekst en context, Querido, 2006, pp. 187-200 (article);


© Copyright Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale"